Saturday, January 16, 2010

runnin', runnin', and runnin' runnin'...

way back here i mentioned that i started training for a 1/2 marathon, then later on i mentioned here that i would share about running my first 1/2...

so three months later i will.

i started the race with three friends, one who is a marathon runner and two who were newbies like me. we started the race running about a 10:30 mile. around mile three we were slowing a bit. i felt good with the pace and decided i wanted to hold it as long as i could and began to pull ahead a bit.

mile four i wasn't sure where my running buddies were but i was starting to pass small groups of runners. I HAVE NEVER passed anyone in a road race! i was feeling good; especially because mile four is my "hump", that mile that is hard to get through.

mile 6 i start walking for about 30 seconds at each aid station. i pick back up my run and start to pass a younger guy (19 or 20 probably) and he began running along side me. he started to talk and i thought "great, i'll have a conversation with anyone to keep my mind off running." i had already listened to everything on my mp3 and was tired of that. after about a 1/4 mile he had to slow down and i felt really great! i was out running some kid... i'm excited... i'm smiling...

mile seven however i am quite sure delirium was setting in. about 7.5 miles in i turn a corner and am running with the sun at my back, looking down at the road i can see my shadow perfectly in front of me... and i notice, my pigtails are lopsided... my pigtails are lopsided... this is going to drive me crazy... maybe i am crazy... should i stop and fix them?

mile nine i have decided that i am just going to sit in the ditch and cry... but i didn't because i didn't think i would get any sympathy from anyone.

mile ten i'm not sure i'm still picking up my feet. is shuffling still considered running?

mile eleven i walked as fast as i could.

i started running again around mile 12 and finished the race at 2:31:21. i really wanted to finish under 2:30, but since the course had some good hills and was considered a more challenging course i was content with my time. hey i finished and was still alive...

i was miserable when i finished. i did not want to (and did not) run for a good month after. i ran the muddy buddy with sister in dallas the end of october and then was done! "i will never run a 1/2 marathon again. it was a challenge. i am glad i've accomplished it. it is over now. i think i will stick to 5ks."

those were my words after the race... so why do i finally tell my tale? because crazy me started training for my second 1/2 marathon this week!

i am hoping it will be easier, since i'm not starting from nothing this time. it's a very difficult course which means i'm not going to be improving my time much, but that's okay. i just want it to be easier to get through this time. that's my goal... just get through it... wish me luck.

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