Sunday, January 24, 2010

low tech runner

i am currently using a pretty low tech method of tracking my distance and pace when running. i use my cell phone clock and my car's odometer. i look at how far i ran, how long it took, crack the numbers and know about what i averaged in minutes per mile.

i would like to have a slightly more accurate means of determining distance and pace, especially because i don't like to run the same route over and over, but it has to be:

1. simple (runner's watches intimidate me)
2. as cheap as possible (all my current method cost is pocket change for gas)

does anyone have any suggestions?

oh... the ear warmers worked really well...


Laurel said...

I recommend Its a free website where you can keep track of all of your just have to remember where you went and you trace the route on a map, plug in your time (I use a $5 watch from Walmart which has a timer that works just fine) and it will calculate your distance, pace, and even calories burned!

ashley jeffers said...

hi i was looking through a craft blog and saw your purple skirt, very cute btw.
anyways do you have a ipod by any chance, if so the nikes sensor is pretty awesome for beginners to pro runners if you dont have nike shoes to put it in you can put it right under the laces and it works great. i HIGHLY recommend it.

rachelanna said...

thanks laurel, i'll have to try it out. sounds easy enough and cheap!

rachelanna said...

ashley, i just checked into the nike+ system. but i don't wear nike running shoes so i've been investigating how it works with other brands. i've heard you can buy a pouch that fits on your shoe for about $5 and you put the chip in it... we'll see

ashley jeffers said...

yeah my husband doesnt wear his nikes anymore but still uses the nike+ he just puts it under the laces and it works great. the sensor is $20 but you have to get the ipod plug in thats another $10 i believe. once you have it though you dont need to replace it

dkg said...


Just came across your blog from ruffles and stuff. I started running xc my freshman year of high school in '98 and have been a runner ever since. I've even attended running camps and in my opinion those high tech watches aren't worth it.

I use a watch from Walmart, and track my training with (smart coach). I also listen to a playlist with at least 160 bpm to help me keep my pace.

good luck with your 1/2!!