Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the half marathon: let the training begin

let me start by saying i love living in the foothills of the ozark mountains. where else can you train with views like these? beautiful, huh?

as i have trained for my first two 5ks, i have tried to be selective about where i run because up hill is not my forte. hills are however unavoidable.

well today was day three of my 1/2 marathon training program (i will be running the end of september) which means it was cross training day. and since i am also doing the muddy buddy ride and run in dallas the end of october, i decided biking would be the way to go.

so i get up this morning, get on my so so mountain bike i bought off craigs list for $80 and head out, riding about 7 miles.

what are these? hills... oh my, hills... and more hills. i just wanted to share with the world HILLS.

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