Monday, August 31, 2009

gettin' crafty: wardrobe refashion pledge

i said i would do it and i finally did. today was the last day to sign up for the september pledge. does that make me a procrastinator?

i did get a headstart at the end of summer break. will post some of what i've been up to in days to come. i bought a cardigan on sale, sneakers, and a pair of boots (to replace the pair i wore completely out and finally threw away three winters ago). otherwise i made no back-to-school wardrobe purchases (this is when i usually do any major wardrobe updating). went through my closet and have two trash bags full of good clothes and a basket of shoes to take to helping hands and a pile of refashion projects. stinky got two pairs of fall/winter shoes (to replace the tiva sandals he wore all summer that his toes hang out of), a nice long-sleeved button down on sale, and several momma made items to stretch a summer wardrobe into fall.

i, rachelanna, do hear by pledge not to purchase any retail clothing items for a minimum of two months. instead i will use my God-given talents to revamp what we already own or recieve second hand. i will do my part to be a good steward of my resources and live a little greener.

the last few weeks i have been burdened with the thought of how much stuff i own and don't use/need. how many people could benifit from me letting go of stuff instead of clinging to it because some day i might need it? what a false sense of security we have in owning stuff.

not me monday

i have not been reading a bunch of crazy, homeschooling, dozen-kid-having, momma blogs (that are super inspiring by the way... i can't do half of that and i only have boy).

i have not stolen their cute idea of having a "not me! monday" blog post.

and while i'm at it...

i have not been eating 10,000 calories a day and blowing off my running in order to deal with the emotional stress of leaving boy each day and going back to work where i got an additional job title, very little extra pay, and LOTS of extra work. i am not an emotional eater! not me!

i don't do dumb things, loose my keys, put my foot in my mouth, forget where i was going or why i was going there, make lists for my lists, pretend like i know what i'm doing, on a daily basis.

you know, it feels really good to fess up and admit that i don't do any of these things. not me.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

cooking is a dangerous sport

this is what happens to a cell phone when you just get stinky up for a nap so he is nice and clingy, sister calls, and the pizza you made for lunch needs to come out of the oven RIGHT NOW or in will be cooked beyond the point of eating.
i know mommas are supposed to be great multi-taskers but i prove to myself everyday that some tasks need to be done alone with no other tasks taking what precious little brain power i sometimes have.
when the phone slipped out from between my ear and shoulder and came apart in several pieces at the bottom of the very hot oven all i could think was "where are the tongs, i need tongs, how hot does a battery need to get before it blows up? i know i own some tongs!"

these thoughts soon subsided to fits of laughter while explaining to sister why i hung up on her. yes, the phone still works, minus a back to hold the battery in. unfortunately the back did not make it. he will be missed.
no, i do not plan to get a new phone any time soon. if the battery does not stay put some packing tape ought to do the trick!
*only one phone was injured in the making of this blog.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

big boy hair cut

boy got a "big boy" back to school haircut tonight. a fohawk inspired by this celeb kiddo's cut i ripped out of a magazine at the hairdressers when i went to get my back to school do.

it's clean cut with an edge and he is rockin' it baby! ha!

(we'll see what pawpaw says the first time he sees it styled. i can see it now... he will try to be sneaky as he runs his hand over boy's head in an attempt to smooth it down... then sweep it to the side so boy has a respectable hair cut... and if that doesn't work he'll take boy to the bathroom and wet it down and comb it parted to the side! he'll show me!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

gettin' crafty: sister been busy

i love my sister! we are night and day yet so alike in so many ways. she has been cultivating her inner craftiness and i have really enjoyed the process. she has made some really cute stuff, including some little girl shoes to die for!

she recently discovered a fellow blogger that can bake like none other... and so of course she wanted to try her hand at these oh so easy, super cute cake pops...

did sister make these cake pops though? no she has higher ambitions in life and decided that the hello kitty cake pops would be much more... because sister believes whole heartedly that more is more...

here are the "example" hello kitty cake pops...

here is sister's one and only... i'm pretty sure she just ate the rest before transforming them...

there was lots of rambling on the phone... something about permanent damage to her Psyche... all her hopes and dreams crushed... hello kitty being stupid... cake pops being stupid... "damn, these taste good" as kitty lost its head... more rambling...

i haven't laughed that hard in a long time. i love my sister!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

free tutorial give away

trying to get me some free goods. super cute Whimsy Couture dress tutorials.