Sunday, January 31, 2010

snow, and some snow, oh, and snow

we have had LOTS of snow. we are in the midst of major snow #3 (in my neck of the woods 2 or three inches is a major snow) we have about 8 inches on the ground now. have i mentioned it's not quite february and we have had 3 big snows? have i mentioned that we usually don't get the majority of our snow until the end of february or march? have i mentioned that i am planning the staff pot luck lunch for the fourth of july because i'm pretty sure we will still be making up snow days?

but it's worth it cause i get snow days at home with boy, i craft during naps, and we get to play in the snow. boy likes him some snow! he managed to sneak out the door (because momma forgot to deadbolt it) and was playing in said snow wearing nothing but cowboy boots and his pj top. it's a good thing he just made it out when i caught him.

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