Tuesday, June 29, 2010


it’s still a work in progress, but we have more variety than last year!  my motto was just to get it in the ground and see what happened… how else do you learn right?

squash or pumpkin blooms… i think these are pumpkin?     (you know, i didn’t even plant pumpkin? they volunteered from pumpkins i threw over the fence last fall…)


pretty little tomatoes… yum


kale for soups (what else do you do with kale?)


lettuce which has now bolted… too hot


crooked little carrots…


potatoes… in a stack of tires?  apparently that is a good way to grow them? 


apples… on the tree that i have no idea what to do with. i know it needs pruned and i don’t know how to treat it for bugs… but they are really yummy eating apples…       (anyone have any advise?)


Monday, June 28, 2010

sister’s wedding


some of my favorite pictures from sister’s wedding… she once again had me playing photographer… one day she will learn.IMG_0005

sister made a beautiful vintage bride…


boy was the cutest ring bearer ever…


she arrived at the church in a 1920s mercedes


we took pictures all around downtown fayetteville…


somebody was like a little boy with his nose pressed against the window of the candy store…



they make such a beautiful family…

(so glad that’s over, whew!)

Friday, June 25, 2010

april crazy-ness brings may weddings

april was spent in the chaos of preparing for two weddings in may.

my honey's baby brother was marrying his sweet sarah. sarah had a lot of family coming in from west texas so we were going to have house guests we had never met which is always interesting to prepare for.
then sister and her honey were getting married the following weekend. both weddings were being planned long distance which meant we were taking care of a lot of the preparations.

sewing was left to the last minute... shocking! but boy and sister's little lady looked awful cute in their custom made attire! (and of course little lady will not stand so you can't really see her frock)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

new addtitions

i have wanted chickens for YEARS... but my sweet honey never was real big on the idea. then last year he started talking like yeah, one day we would put together a little coop and i could have a few chickens... WELL, that was all i needed to hear so while sister was here for spring break, before a coop was in existence or even planned, i picked up some cute little baby chicks...

and now they look like this... i have started anticipating fresh eggs in the next several weeks...

we have 9 all together, gertie (short for gertrude) the lady in charge, claire our sweet banty hen, berniece our red, and the three sisters that we can't really tell apart so they are the three sisters, and the boys darell and his other brother darell... the banty roosters that think they can crow and it cracks me up!

oh, my honey also picked up a game hen and two babies (a boy and a girl) that roost in the trees and won't let you anywhere near them... he has the chicken bug too now... i am expecting 100 baby quail any day now, 20 or so will stay with us and the rest will go live with the neighbors. oh and my dear father-in-law built me the cutest coop from spare lumber and windows... now if i could just finish painting it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

playing catch up

it has been busy, busy, and it is definitely time to catch up with sharing all that has been going on... so over the next few posts i'll share the last few months.

sister and the little lady came to visit for spring break and we had lots of fun... her honey flew up for the weekend and i pretended like i was a photographer and took their engagement photos. i think they turned out really well considering i had no idea what i was doing... and they really capture sister's personality...