Sunday, January 3, 2010

food, friends, and a good cause

i have been friends with the same group of girls since middle school (some before then). we always make a point to get together around christmas, usually for dinner and maybe a movie. this year i hosted a sewing party and we made "pillow case" dresses for the organization Little Dresses for Africa.
i wasn't sure how they would respond and told them if it was a flop i would never put myself in charge of our holiday plans again (i am not the planner of the group). we had a great time eating and visiting and for most trying their hand at something new.

these dresses are so easy and so forgiving that it didn't matter that we were using my poor dilapidated sewing machines and as a group had very little sewing experice. we will send these four with the 45 dresses my middle school students are currently making for a community service project.

now i just need to iron and bag them and we are ready to go.
had fun girls, can't wait to do it again!

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