Friday, October 9, 2009

there's a little bit of redneck in the family gene pool

there was not a lot going on at our house last night. we had a big storm come through with LOTS of rain; over 5 inches just over night and it's still coming down. when i got home the power was out. this was nice because i got taken out to dinner. not so great when we got home because we were sitting in a dark quiet house.
do not fear though. no one at my house died of boredom. my ingenious husband brought in a lamp and the laptop. He rigged them up to the ac converter on his diesel truck and WALLA! we sat in the chair by the door and watched movies on the laptop all night.
you can't tell me there isn't a little bit of redneck in his family gene pool.


Cheaannette said...

Bwahaha... Poor boy he has no hope! And it most definitely comes from his side of the family! There is no way it could have come from us!

Aimee said...

As funny as this is, last year when the hurricane came to Texas, we were without power for three days. Life at my house didn't change too much b/c we had TWO converters hooked to "the beast" as he calls it. That would be his Dodge diesel. So, we are kindred spirits in that we are married to ingenious rednecks.