Monday, October 12, 2009

not me monday

boy had trouble actually going to sleep during nap time this weekend.
during on of his "naps" that consisted of him wallering around in his crib...
i did not go back to check on him only to find that he had stripped off all his clothes, except socks.
i did not find a little boy who had then done some business in the crib.
i did not find a little boy who was using said business as finger paint.
he had not painted himself, the sheets, the crib, and he was not starting on the walls when i did not walk in.
i don't think i can express enough that this was not me. no way!
i have been reassured by family and friends that this is a pretty common nap activity for little ones boy's age.
i will be sure to pass that on to the momma that this happened to cause it WAS NOT me...
*no pictures were included with this post because some things just don't need to be with commemorated with a picture.

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