Thursday, October 29, 2009

chefin' it: homemade apple sauce for baby boy

made homemade applesauce for boy last night.
it is really easy, really yummy, and all natural.
what you need:
*fuji apples
(i used 8 large apples and made about 3 cups)
a food processor
and well that's about it
peel, core, and cut
(i'm not fancy enough for a corer or peeler, so a good old knife was used)
i sliced my apples into eighths.
baked for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees.
stirred once to keep the apples on top from drying out.
(put a baking sheet under them just in case they bubble over)

dumped into the food processor, juice and all,
and ran until the apples were a good smooth consistency.

i poured the apple sauce into ice trays and froze.
then just pop them out, put in freezer bags and i have
fresh apple sauce in perfect boy portions any time.

*fuji apples are very sweet and crisp. they bake well, not turning mushy.
no need to add sugar to the sauce.

i have even used them in apple pies,

cut the sugar from the recipe,
and it's still sweet and delicious!

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