Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"THE" craft fair: a weekend of craftyness

fall in nwa equals a weekend (okay, really it's almost a full week) of craft fairs. every town has one. every convention center, hotel ballroom, open field, is full of crafts and crafters. people come from all over the country to sell their wares or buy them...
sister flew up for a long weekend and we did our part to contribute to the madness that is "THE" craft fair...
we started at a few smaller fairs had some lunch then headed for the grand daddy of them all... war eagle.
sister, moo (baby sister), little lady, boy, and i having lunch
we were not the only insane folk heading to war eagle... the rest of the world decided to go too! FIFTY MINUTES it took to go the 1 mile from the turn off to war eagle mill.

it's a beautiful setting. war eagle is a farm and mill (still used to stone grind grains) set in the ozark mountains near beaver lake.

there was lots to see, some good, some bad, some that i just didn't understand, and some that i couldn't wait to get home and try myself.

we ended the day with a corn dog at the fair. boy thought it was quite yummy and he really liked dipping stuff in the ketchup.


Cheaannette said...

I already miss you guy's. When are you coming down for the muddy buddy?

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

We went to War Eagle too, and ohhh my goodness...I never thought that line was going to end!! Just recently found your blog and LOVE it...awesome tutorial on stenciling with the modge podge - can't wait to try it! :)