Monday, October 26, 2009

i'm giving water

one of my eighth grade students came to class today and told me about a project her church was doing to give water to a village in India through The Water Project. she wanted to find someone in school to do it with her and i jumped at the chance. we ended up having six kids who wanted to join in within a matter of minutes.
here is how it works.
  • Give it Up make water your only beverage...for 2 weeks.
  • Collect Your Savings take the money you would have spent on soda, juice, sports drinks, bottled water etc., and put it aside to give clean water. collect your savings in a cup wrapped with a "The Water Challenge" label.
  • Wear Your Wristband it'll help you remember to choose water and to spread the word.
  • Continue Your Sacrifice for 2 Weeks if you are heading toward the soda machine, head for the water fountain instead. if your family goes out to dinner and you usually order iced tea, ask for water. it's free. you'll be amazed at how the savings add up. encourage your whole family to participate.
  • Give it Away after 2 weeks, calculate the amount of money saved by your sacrifice and give water through The Water Project, Inc. it will be used to drill new water wells in Kenya, Sudan or choose

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