Wednesday, October 21, 2009

answered prayer

i have to take a moment and share. i have had a remarkably stressful start to the school year. i have been pushed and pulled in so many ways. i tried to look at it all as an opportunity to grow... i kept thinking about the potter working the clay to remove the impurities to make it useful... beautiful. despite trying to have a positive outlook my attitude was poor and getting worse by the day. i prayed that i would be able to handle it all, that God would give me strength and i would get through it. every day something else would happen to add to the stress. every day i would wonder how much further God would ask me to bend and stretch. i was in tears every day. i was looking for a new job... contacting online schools about training for career changes, i even started reading the classified adds. there seemed to be no relief in sight. and i kept praying that God would get me through it...

God is so much bigger than we are. here i was praying to have the strength just to get through and God was working to change the situation so that it wasn't something to struggle through. i received an e-mail from an acquaintance at a neighboring district. she is a wonderful woman who is great at her job. she had contacted my superintendent and offered her services to help me in any way she could to get through all the challenges i had been presented with this year.

suddenly, there is help for meeting all the deadlines. good, quality help. there is someone else to share the burden with. then today i find out that one of the BIG projects that i had less than a month to accomplish was pushed back and i now have til may.

thank you Lord, that you know me so well, know what i am capable of and just how to help. even when i don't know what to pray, how to pray, you know my needs and take care of it all. it will still be a challenge and certainly will provide plenty of opportunity to grow... thank you for the bite sized pieces that i can swallow, for taking it slow and giving me time to become all that you have planned for me to be.


Leanna said...

I'm so glad he worked it all out for you!

Sarah said...

Wow...thanks for sharing a piece of your heart through this's truly amazing to realize how God knows us and knows our frame...and knows exactly how to care for us! :) Been there! :) Thanks again for sharing...oh, and I've enjoyed a few of your tutorials...the applesauce,etc. :) Nice job!