Sunday, October 3, 2010

advice from the front lines

this just in from the front lines of momma-hood…

DO NOT put a pull up in the washing machine!

i repeat, DO NOT put a pull up in the washing machine!

if you find yourself quickly throwing a load of your sweet little one’s laundry into the wash… the laundry that said sweet little one has been putting in the hamper all by himself like a good boy… be warned this could happen to you. 

all the clothes will be covered, inside and out, in a nice coating of water absorbent gel.



DO NOT pull the clothes out and shake them out onto the tile floor in a desperate attempt to rid them of their slim!

IT WILL DO NO GOOD and it DOES NOT just sweep up.

if you find yourself in this situation use the following protocol…

1. rinse all clothing out by hand one piece at a time, both inside and out

2. clean all gel out of washing machine

3.  rewash all clothing again and find something else to put on your sweet little one for church

4. try desperately to sweep up the gel you tried to shake out of the clothing… then get a towel and get on your hands and knees and wipe it up… then when what still did not clean up has dried sweep again


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