Wednesday, September 29, 2010

chocolate banana bread

cool weather always makes me want to bake and last night i really wanted something warm and sweet so i started looking through the pantry to see what i had ingredients for and well, it was slim pickings.

what i did have was a package of honey bran muffin mix (the kind you just add milk to) and two quite ripe bananas.  now i have a recipe for banana bread that is one of those that belonged to someone’s great aunt agnes who always won the blue ribbon at the county fair for her banana bread… but i didn’t have time or bananas for that so…



one package of honey bran muffin mix                  

two smushed up ripe bananas

half a package of mini chocolate chips

a hand full of pecans from the freezer chopped up

and 25 minutes in an oven at 425 and…


warm, sweet, chocolatey, banana goodness.  it was all i could do to save some for later.  its kind of like chocolate dipped bananas on a hot summer day, or a chocolate banana shake, except for warm and gooey.  perfect for a cool fall evening… or a cool fall morning… or the middle of a nice sunny fall day…

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