Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sew good goodies

my honey’s granny is a very crafty woman.  she sewed, painted, ran a ceramic shop, made dolls… she did it all and has passed on to me many of her crafty goodies.

this week she sent a bag of sewing “stuff” she thought i might be able to use.  i open the bag and what do i find?  a sewing Christmas come early! IMG_1462 

ohhh, pretty…

five different sewing machine feet, a few of which i will have to google to know what they are for.


this little beauty i am really excited about.  i have had a blindstitch foot on my wants list for a while now.  IMG_1469

granny also sent these really cool sewing books that take it back to when women really did know how to sew.  they understood garment construction, pattern making, and alterations.


  paper mache dress form anyone?


this book has it all…


from decorative stitching like these smocking instructions…


to children’s clothing designs…


to how to properly set a sleeve…


and even this children’s sizing guide…


then digging in the bottom of the bag, what did i find?

these little guys!



do you know what they are?  i have wanted some for years but would not pay that much for them.  (i know $12 is a lot of money to part with,lol)


Leanna said...

Are they fabric weights?

Cheaannette said...

No i don't know what they are! The little cushions u put under chairs so they don't scrap your floors? lol! Tell us!