Monday, October 11, 2010

the world through the eyes of boy

i love all things artistic.  on occasion i pretend to have some artistic ability.  i was so excited the first time boy drew something on paper and identified it.  it was on the plane ride home from visiting family at the beach.  he drew tiny little circles with little lines going through them and proudly proclaimed them to be ants… “ats bite”.  which i am sure is a sign of the deep emotional scaring as a result of his first encounter with fire ants.  (we don’t have those nasty little things at home!)

then we hit an artistic dry spell and there was nothing but circles and scribbles for so very long.

then… boy was playing with sidewalk chalk and brought me over to see his picture. 


“what’s that, boy?”


“and what’s that?”


“wow, you did a really good job.  i see your head and your eyes… what’s this one?”

silence… boy had moved on and left me to ponder his UDO (unidentified drawn object). 

boy art

may he always love to draw, paint, sculpt, build, sing, make music, imagine, create…

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Cheaannette said...

Aww. He did s good job! O and I really like your banner!