Tuesday, September 1, 2009

salsa... not just a hot latin dance

gamma and pawpaw came over tonight for pizza and salsa. we ate the pizza and made the salsa. and boy did we make salsa.
boy helped cut tomatoes. he cut the little green tomato that he picked himself. (don't worry he was using a butter knife while closely supervised)
then we cut more tomatoes, cause our garden decided to bless us with LOTS of late tomatoes.

add a little onion, cilantro (yum), jalapeno, and seasoning...

used the food sealer to bag it up to freeze. and 18 cups of salsa later we were done for the night... we have that much more to finish up tomorrow! oh, and lots more tomatoes where those came from.

i'm thinking of doing my first blog giveaway... tomatoes anyone?


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Deb said...

Seriously never thought of freezing salsa before! I bottled lots this summer, but frozen would have been a great addition to that!

Love your blog!