Thursday, September 10, 2009

mountain biking mommas

sister and i went on our first mountain bike ride, like on a trail, not down the road... we should have paid more attention to the sign we encountered glistening in the morning is our adventure... in pictures... with a few captions... be impressed!

shouldn't the caution sign be hanging in view
not laying on the ground covered in leaves?

where my bike landed after i bailed... don't worry i landed on my feet... and sister got the opportunity to bail too!

some parts of the trails were pretty intense... this ramp, at the end of the bridge in the photo below, would launch a rider a good five feet in the air... cr-a-zy...
we made it... despite no helmets, gloves (you would be really surprised how important they are, definitely not just for looks), knee or wrist guards, water, or much common sense...

i wish this picture really showed all the dirt, scrapes, and bruises we received from our morning adventures...

*just to let the world know, all of these pictures were posed. there was no way either of us could have ridden most of this trail even though we took the intermediate and easy routs. we did ride when we weren't laughing so hard we couldn't stand up, when we weren't stopping for photo ops, when sister wasn't running into trees, or it wasn't just plain too hard... it was great! i highly recommend going mountain biking. just make sure you are prepared!

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