Monday, August 31, 2009

gettin' crafty: wardrobe refashion pledge

i said i would do it and i finally did. today was the last day to sign up for the september pledge. does that make me a procrastinator?

i did get a headstart at the end of summer break. will post some of what i've been up to in days to come. i bought a cardigan on sale, sneakers, and a pair of boots (to replace the pair i wore completely out and finally threw away three winters ago). otherwise i made no back-to-school wardrobe purchases (this is when i usually do any major wardrobe updating). went through my closet and have two trash bags full of good clothes and a basket of shoes to take to helping hands and a pile of refashion projects. stinky got two pairs of fall/winter shoes (to replace the tiva sandals he wore all summer that his toes hang out of), a nice long-sleeved button down on sale, and several momma made items to stretch a summer wardrobe into fall.

i, rachelanna, do hear by pledge not to purchase any retail clothing items for a minimum of two months. instead i will use my God-given talents to revamp what we already own or recieve second hand. i will do my part to be a good steward of my resources and live a little greener.

the last few weeks i have been burdened with the thought of how much stuff i own and don't use/need. how many people could benifit from me letting go of stuff instead of clinging to it because some day i might need it? what a false sense of security we have in owning stuff.

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