Monday, August 31, 2009

not me monday

i have not been reading a bunch of crazy, homeschooling, dozen-kid-having, momma blogs (that are super inspiring by the way... i can't do half of that and i only have boy).

i have not stolen their cute idea of having a "not me! monday" blog post.

and while i'm at it...

i have not been eating 10,000 calories a day and blowing off my running in order to deal with the emotional stress of leaving boy each day and going back to work where i got an additional job title, very little extra pay, and LOTS of extra work. i am not an emotional eater! not me!

i don't do dumb things, loose my keys, put my foot in my mouth, forget where i was going or why i was going there, make lists for my lists, pretend like i know what i'm doing, on a daily basis.

you know, it feels really good to fess up and admit that i don't do any of these things. not me.

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