Saturday, August 29, 2009

cooking is a dangerous sport

this is what happens to a cell phone when you just get stinky up for a nap so he is nice and clingy, sister calls, and the pizza you made for lunch needs to come out of the oven RIGHT NOW or in will be cooked beyond the point of eating.
i know mommas are supposed to be great multi-taskers but i prove to myself everyday that some tasks need to be done alone with no other tasks taking what precious little brain power i sometimes have.
when the phone slipped out from between my ear and shoulder and came apart in several pieces at the bottom of the very hot oven all i could think was "where are the tongs, i need tongs, how hot does a battery need to get before it blows up? i know i own some tongs!"

these thoughts soon subsided to fits of laughter while explaining to sister why i hung up on her. yes, the phone still works, minus a back to hold the battery in. unfortunately the back did not make it. he will be missed.
no, i do not plan to get a new phone any time soon. if the battery does not stay put some packing tape ought to do the trick!
*only one phone was injured in the making of this blog.

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