Monday, July 27, 2009

tent city


my sweet momma and i went to the uofa campus and heard Mark Horvath, creator of speak out about homelessness in NWA. afterwards we slept on the lawn to help raise awareness and support for some really wonderful groups that work to help people who find themselves in this desperate situation. what momma and i didn't know was that when they said sleep on the lawn, we were the only ones who took them literally. everyone else had tents, lawn chairs, one lady even brought a blowup mattress. (see pics above)

not momma and i... no sir. we slept ON THE LAWN. (see pics below)

our bed...and us. we had a great time and learned a lot about a very serious and growing problem in our community. check out these local organizations (seven hills, cobblestone project, nwa women's shelter) to learn how you can make a difference and hear Judy's story.

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