Friday, July 10, 2009

nine months later

so nine months later i decide i better pick this back up.
i find myself very busy,
enjoying life,
enjoying motherhood,
thinking one more would be great (maybe this time next year?),
reading up on how to stay at home,
researching every work from home gimmick out there (i've decided the only way to make that work is to use your God given talents to become self-employed),
trying to be a better bugeter (using
Mvelopes from Crown Financial),
diving into the world of refashioning (will be taking the
2 month challenge in September),
started running 5ks (training with the
Couch 2 5K free podcast)

do you ever try to fix everything about you all at once? does it ever work? i find myself always taking a step forward only to tumble back down the hill.

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