Tuesday, June 29, 2010


it’s still a work in progress, but we have more variety than last year!  my motto was just to get it in the ground and see what happened… how else do you learn right?

squash or pumpkin blooms… i think these are pumpkin?     (you know, i didn’t even plant pumpkin? they volunteered from pumpkins i threw over the fence last fall…)


pretty little tomatoes… yum


kale for soups (what else do you do with kale?)


lettuce which has now bolted… too hot


crooked little carrots…


potatoes… in a stack of tires?  apparently that is a good way to grow them? 


apples… on the tree that i have no idea what to do with. i know it needs pruned and i don’t know how to treat it for bugs… but they are really yummy eating apples…       (anyone have any advise?)


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Single Lady said...

I'll ask my mom about the apple trees, she may know since she takes care of all of ours at the farm.
Looks like life is going great!
Miss you!!!