Saturday, November 14, 2009

don't sew with pins in your mouth!

i grew up watching my momma sew...
she always had a mouth full of straight pins
and i have followed in her foot steps.
this probably isn't the smartest thing to do,
but it's habit and nothing bad has happened to
me yet... until today.
i was working on a sweater refashion (more on that later).
see my pretty green sweater that is way too big?
i used safety pins to fit it then started to sew,
taking the safety pins out as i went...
not taking time to close them...
and putting them, you guessed it,
in my mouth.

i did not feel anything amiss until i went to pull
the safety pins out of my mouth and one would not come.
somehow i managed to pinch a tiny piece of my tongue
between the coils of the safety pin and it was good and stuck!

just wanted to share
1. because i would hate anyone to suffer a
sewing injury that could have been prevented
by sharing my own stupidity
and 2. because that's a pretty cool picture!


Arya said...

Thank you for the mom used to do the same thing, I don't think she ever got hurt though...who knows, she doesn't tell me if she gets it wrong, 'cause she is

Cheaannette said...

LOL now you look like me!